Dormitory Guide

Where is what?
Just move the cursor over the plan and see where everything is on the ground floor.

Stairs to bike cellar
Big party room
For a refundable deposit, you can use this room to have big parties. A football table and table tennis is also available.
Postbox of dormitory management
If you cannot catch the dormitory management you can reach them by using this box.
Dormitory management office
Here you can borrow a vacuum cleaner and you can pick up internet application forms.
Office of the self administration
Information walls
The bill-board of the self administration is here.
Small party room
For a refundable deposit this room is available for parties (similar to the big party room).
Cleaning locker
Here you find cleaning agents to clean the party rooms after use.
Damage report forms
Damage report forms are available from a box beside the dormitory management office. If something is broken, simply fill the form and put it in the dormitory management post box.
Coin-operated telephone
Barbecues can be held here.
Washing machines
Between 6:00 am and 22:30 pm you can use 3 washing machines and 2 dryers.
Cigarette slot-machine
Remember: Smoking is hazardous to your health.